Possibly, though I wouldn't be surprised to see the Insurance companies start fighting the payments in court due to negligence on the part of Sony for not securing their network (especially with all the leaked e-mails from within Sony confirming that they were aware of the problems months ago and did nothing to shore… » 12/19/14 2:48pm Friday 2:48pm

Depends on the situation, it I'm just parallel parking, I'll use my mirrors. If I'm backing up for a significant distance (getting out of a long alley/driveway), I'll turn around. If I'm backing up a trailer, I ALWAYS use the mirrors, and preferably an assistant watching out for anything the mirrors don't catch and… » 12/16/14 11:26am Tuesday 11:26am

"There is precisely the same amount of evidence supporting the likelihood of either one occurring." - I'm going to have to disagree with that, depending on what version of God you're talking about. We have plenty of evidence to support the idea that life can exist on other planets (though we have found no evidence of… » 12/11/14 1:10pm 12/11/14 1:10pm