Overreaction is one word, you idiot. What kind of moron doesn't know how to spell overreaction? I'm tired of people claiming to be grammar police that can't even correct their own mistakes. I expect better. How am I supposed to worship you as a spelling God when you make such egregious mistakes? Can you not proofread… » 1/30/15 7:20pm Yesterday 7:20pm

Soooo many people complain about this. I have exactly 1 real world friend that plays destiny, and it has not prevented me from raiding. DestinyLFG, the Bungie Forums, etc. all have plenty of opportunities to join with other like-minded people to Raid with. It's not as convenient as matchmaking, but the idea that you… » 1/26/15 12:02pm Monday 12:02pm

"I'm sorry, but the Pebble is a worm compared to the Apple Watch, and few is going to care about it— the niche enthusiasts. Meanwhile the Apple Watch is going to sell like gangbusters... over 30m in the first year, and become huge with the population in general.

Look at the features. The Apple Watch has a high res…

» 1/22/15 6:33pm 1/22/15 6:33pm