I can't thank you enough for this article. My girlfriend is a bit of a health nut (well, she tries to be) and really focuses on ingredients. I have absolutely no problem with that, and have also started looking for foods with less ingredients and ones I can clearly identify when possible. » 2/26/15 3:09pm Thursday 3:09pm

That's a little much. He's obviously gone out of his way to focus on the tech behind the hunting equipment... without glamorizing shooting. Speaking about fiber coatings, knife bearings and shotgun mechanics isn't exactly equivolent to "OMG Guns are great! Let's all buy assault rifles and start shooting people". … » 2/20/15 5:53pm 2/20/15 5:53pm

Once the words "...the walking dead" left Rick's lips... I almost lost it. My girlfriend must not have caught it, or not cared, because my response of "Fuck me" was met with her "What???". Definitely in the top five worst pieces of dialogue on this show, and certainly the worst from Rick's character. » 2/16/15 10:14am 2/16/15 10:14am